Inspired by shapes and structures, I want you to meet Maria. An experienced Scandinavian designer that combines abstract patterns with classic lines.

As long as she can remember Maria has always loved to draw, paint and create. In her teens she came upon a TV program about a young female fashion designer. In the program you got to follow the main character’s working process through her ideas for a collection, her drawings and, finally, the unpacking of the completed collection. For the young Maria this was pure magic, and from this day on she was sure that fashion designer was the career she would aim for. 

More than 20 years later Maria is an experienced fashion designer with experience from a wide variety of design milieus, including clothing for children, women and men. She has been employed by different firms, ranging from multinational to smaller, upcoming fashion companies. For a few years she also operated her own brand. 
Apart from fashion design, Maria has always worked with print and pattern in her different positions. Her interest for this aspect of design has grown and developed over the years and has added interior design to her overall competence.

Maria seeks inspiration for her designing process in art and nature, with a particular interest for shapes and structures. Color is another important element in her work, using the impact different color combinations can have on a specific pattern or garment. Maria’s design signature is arty, abstract and with a touch of a Scandinavian minimalism.


Founder and Head of Design/Production
Womenswear: Jersey and Woven

GREIFF´S (Tuxer & Stadium Outlet)
Fashion Designer 
Womens, Mans and Childrenswear: Outdoor and Sport

Womens, Mans and Childrenswear: Jersey and Woven 

Product Manager/Production Coordinator
Childrens and Womenswear: Jersey, Knit and Woven

RNB (Sisters, JC Female)
Fashion Designer/Design Assistant
Womenswear and Accessories: Jersey, Knit and Woven

Design Assistant
Childrenswear and Divided Blue: Jersey and Knit